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Talking Roby the Robot app for iPod or iphone

I wouldn't say this is te best app it kinda sucks.

Roby The Robot iPhone App

This is roby the robot. All I do is mess around really, but it's a pretty cool free app :)

iPod Touch App.

qeiil. ;D.

Talking Roby The Robot. App for iPod and iPhone

Rofl. U should get this app!

Talking Roby the Robot app review

This app is great get it.

Talking Roby the Robot app review

an app review on ipod touch 3g and please SUBSCRIBE!!!! then i will make more app reviews like of gta chinatown on ipod.

Talking roby on the iPad

Roby the robot.

Talking Roby iPod/iPhone App.

Tanzender Roboter/Dancing Robot.

Updates with Talking Carl

and stuff. Just listen to what he has to say.

Talking robot app test (Read Description)

This is an awesome ipod app. What you do is type something in and play it and the robot will talk. You can also record it with you ipod and download it directly to youtube.

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